Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Rant and Raving: Sofar I have written about my inner feeling and th...

Rant and Raving: Sofar I have written about my inner feeling and th...: So far I have written about my inner feeling and the emotions equally embedded in my mind. But today, I am  going to pen something which I...

Rant and Raving: Do we really need fun in our life

Rant and Raving: Do we really need fun in our life: The larger question in modern times is that having fun all the times is the source of utmost joy in one’s life or is it a drastic path to...

Monday, 1 February 2016


Does silence gives any strength to the mind or it just drains the energy by thinking unnecessary things. Most of the times, people were in disturbances and many problems encircled them like a shadow. If they decided to keep silent and want to have a harmonies life style, then their mind will not let them go with the way that they want. Many thinking comes to their mind which is better to be part of disturbance. So the question is whether silence is good or bad? Modern world is surrounded by many new technological revolutions and people are very eager in getting the things which they don’t. It has become a custom for all to live the life like others. The bigger question in most of the young minds is this, “what if me?”. For all, they compare with others and match his caliber against other man’s caliber. There is a golden saying in literature that we don’t have any clue or idea about other’s path of journey and their walks of life. Therefore it is absolutely ridiculous and infact dangerous to compare the life with others. Living the life is always different. Sages were said many things about leading the contended life for the time. But every generations were witnessed many contrary things. When we tracked back to the history, there was a huge generation gap among the society and the culture. The culture has not existed the same as ever before. The behavior of the people also keeps changing in every century. It was well written by Jawaharlal Nehru in his writing to his daughter that the world is changing very rapidly but we as a human have very little life span to witnessed its growth. Understanding the universe is a conundrum but we observed a progressive note of many living things that made the science keep growing every day. Come back to silence. The modern world is filled with commotion and stress. It has even filled with anxiety and anger. But amid these severe circumstances, trying to hold the harmonious mind is a tough job one carries rather than other contemporary professional role.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Teacher's Day - Light the Lamp

Teacher’s Day

Country is celebrating Teacher’s Day today. For long, Teacher’s Day celebration had been taken between the students and teachers. Politicians would be given the message to all the teachers and greet them on the day. This was the custom happening in the country. But after long years, here is the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who arranged for a meeting with all the students in the country to emphasis the importance of the Teacher’s Day. Though his move was being politicized by some section of politicians, the motive behind the PM plan is very crucial and vital at this juncture. Though many are arguing about the economic slump down, poor governance at lower level bureaucracy, vulnerable defense engagements, lack of agricultural policies, and many more but they have not talked about the seriousness of education, a education which grooms students with compassion and empathy. In modern times, education failed to infuse the basic morals and ethics to the students.  
I personally appreciate the PM that this is the high time to call for meeting with all the students to give them the wisdom on their role in life. The PM must give a strong message to all the students in the country to be empowered morally. His message should convey the strong balance between the life and culture. He should talk about the pertaining issues like compassion, love, altruism and above all women empowerment. Now the country is talking about the message given by PM. Let it boomerang the country for long and imprints the strong message in all young minds. At least the coming generation should be compassionate and loyal to all.
Another appeal to all the teacher of this country is that please be updated. You should be the role model to the students. Teachers should read more books of all kinds and bring in the same habits to the students. The Teacher should be vociferous readers.
Happy Teacher’s Day.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Memorable but pathetic day

A Memorable but pathetic day
I would never say that I have the impeccable talent and irreversible capabilities to be a teacher of this modern generation. But I too have the inherent qualities to stand in front of the critical masses (students) and deliver the lectures without any serious fumbles. Every day when I go to the class, I never thought that I have more experience and hold enough qualification to stand in the class. All I thought was, I am very new to the class today and hold the nervousness under the belly and pretend that I too have the grim posture to deliver in front of the critical mass. All these apart, every day I think of a professor who taught English to me in the college before I start my lecture. I still emulate him as my model and follow his style for first two minutes. For the first two minutes, he won’t speak anything and let the students to complete their talks and then to settle. His notion is that makes the students comfortable first and then boasts the knowledge as the way they like. I too keep silent for first one or two minutes like he did for us.
For long, there has been a pending ambition in my mind to meet this great professor at least once. This is the recurring thought running in my mind very often. One day I met my class mate who too  studied B.Sc Computer Science with me and I told him about my desire. He assured me that he will take me to his house. Last week we both went to his house but his house was locked. That was the moment made me standstill. I was shocked and pensive. I know he was very simple, humble and so conservative but his house was very pathetic unlike him. Suddenly my memory passed back to 10 years and got the reminiscence of his class. When he came to class every day, I can see him with so much of joy, the kind of charisma he possess, the sort of jubilation that he holds, the amount of passion for taking the class is something amazing I would never forget. All his classes were the witness of his passion. He never takes the pause between the sentences. He is energetic. He is passionate. Above all, he loves being a teacher. He is just relishing.
Now, by seen his house, that moment I became stunned. How a great man lead his life that simple. Though he is generous, altruistic and benevolent, the way he live in house made me think a bit and inspired me. His house was of shabby walls, worn doors and above all very small. I was speechless for minutes and then stumbled.   
Now my desire to meet him multiplies many folds. My heart is palpitating that how should I introduce me to him. Will he speak as friendly? Will he share his experience with me? Will he discuss me about the importance of life and other sides as well?
Eager to see him soon. I don’t know how far my fondness with him works. But the passion towards him is eternal.

Monday, 4 August 2014

The Singularity - A Perspective

The modern digital world is succumbed to the hands of scientific technology and development. Though the people have been gaining enormous benefits and potential out of it but still there are some corners where the progress is restricted and curtailed. When we talk about the economic and scientific progress at one hand, we had forgot about the agricultural development and productivity. Governments forcibly endorse to plant GM crops and increase cultivation although they had known the adverse effects of these GM crops, it has forced in the situation where the demand has increased. Everything has turned into computation and scientific experiments. Analysts started to evaluate the things of various fields and come out with the proposal which is some way better but not always come with exact way of providing solutions. Even though there would be tremendous improvement in the field of science and technology and R&D has augmented in its caliber, still there are some fields where the machine cannot root its presence and overwhelmed the human like emotions, feelings, analytically challenging the situations, providing the solutions to the conundrum etc., The singularity problem will be solved soon, very soon. I personally saw a near prospect of going back to the antique civilization. The world is facing so much of anger and animosity with one another and ruins their capabilities in the war fields itself. If we noted very closely, the population of the world is getting down and the statistics shown us various reason for the same. If this is the case, soon the world will be ready to experiment with new changes and new prospects of life will arise with new evolution. The technological singularity will soon be a mirage and we will realize the human compassion and absolute empathy with one other. Hence I strongly believe that the singularity problem will be solved and new revolution will come in place to take over this modern development. To augment this fact, if we look at online purchase of products/services where the demand for purchasing the products are increasing exponentially and there would be more interest among the people to buy the products online but the hard fact is that it is also getting bad effect on the other hand. Statisticians have guessed that it will be slumped down soon in another one or two decades. Many scientist and psychologist have pursuing the cognitive science to make the machine to think. Many projects have been going under soft computing and neural science. Many research works have been carried under fuzzy logic and neural networks. All these concerted efforts are to build the system which can think and react on its own instead of rule based or command based functioning of the system. No system can think on its own without pre-feed commands and instructions. Even though research has shown some progressive sign in these areas but still struggling for ambiguities and anomalies in making the system which function on its own. Hence the idea of singularity will have no effect after some decades. If my conscience and perception about the situation are correct, then after 2050, the world will be new with no singularity.

Monday, 3 February 2014

The Naive Feeling

Today morning, i experienced a naive feeling. As i went to bus stand to drop my mom, there i saw a little stray dog wounded on legs. It was following the old man from his house. The old man was going to his town to meet someone but the little stray dog from his street was following as if he would return to the street. The old man told me that this stray dog is following me despite i hit hard stone on it., then i asked did u given any food to it., then old man replied that i had given some pieces of biscuits two days back. That was the reason why the stray dog still following. during his stay in the bus stand, other stray dogs in the bus stand watched this dog and keep quite and did not bark on it.. The stray dog hovered on the old man's leg. The bus came for the old man, he went on it., suddenly the stray dog searching for him and wander over there and look all over the places.. it even went near the auto and peeped into it.. then all of shock, the stray dogs of that place, started barking on this dog, but still this dog is searching for this old man.. i see the panic and anguish on the face of the stray dog. this is the first time, i had seen this kind of emotions in dogs.. i felt bad and still that emotions carries in me..