Thursday, 30 January 2014

Who can be the Leader?

The larger question to any management is that who would be the leader? To underline the qualities of a leader, there are very subtle differences emerged out among others. But a leader can make differences through conduct and utterances of words. A leader is the one who possess great qualities such as command on his speech, motivating others through proven activities, understand the grass root level problems, facilitating the easy governance and above all must be compassionate. 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Do we really need fun in our life

The larger question in modern times is that having fun all the times is the source of utmost joy in one’s life or is it a drastic path to life? We, this generation, have bestowed with uncanny experiences and garnered great scope in leading the life. Although we have empowered with huge potential and harnessing the mind in correct tune to gets the thing done, then why all this worse things happening to us? Are we not capable of holding the lighter side of life or have we not tune the correct rhythm to match the cord? Life has become complicated now than ever before in the history. Our antique culture has few resources to delve with and lead the contented life with no grudge or animosity. They knew the root cause of being happy and followed the simpler trick in making that happen to them. But today, all to the contrary, we have invented the innumerable technologies which served us with great deal and engage us with the interest of our own. Technology driving us in all aspect of our life and drains our energy without any physical endeavors. We spend most of the time with technologies and life has totally relied upon with these modern inventions. Earlier, in olden days, chances of untoward incidents happened to human community was very less and it could be well predicted the root cause of any dearth. In those days, people were died of epidemic and other natural calamities. Sages were predicted the cause of any death before any havoc happened to that society. They were the ones who have given the calendar of our times. But today, there is no chance of predicting the death. Every day is a tough day because of the simpler reason that anything can happen at any time. Untoward incidents may happen to anyone though he has moved cautiously. The contemporary life is like driving a car. We should get what we want. Most of us are destined our life as like this. “NO MERCY, NO BENEVOLENCE". Jealousy and Covetousness are deeply imbibed and rooted in most of the hearts. These two make them unruly and behave disorderly in more instances. Unless we bring in some change in social living and inculcate the social values to the modern youth, then the future of human society will be of big question, although science and technology keep growing at rapid pace. So how this can be possible and make to happen? Solution is that the university should focus on this issue and educate the student’s not only technological part but also on compassion. At least the younger generation must have the compassion and empathy towards the social causes.  

Monday, 20 January 2014

Life is very complicated. Things get changed whenever opinion changes. I found more trouble in understanding the nature of life and its organization. Every day, every moment, there arises new problem and prompt to find the answer. In finding the answers, I always find the mistakes rather than the answer which I seek to. People are different, gives diverse opinion on the sole snag. More times, my mind feels alone and disturbed. I feel myself as separated and distanced from the people. Because people are not same always. The circumstances change to all, so the people. There is none to blame. Every mistake is a learning experience means, when the man or woman finds the right fit and mix. This conundrum has to be identified and fixed in order to eradicate all the social and civil liberties issues. 
But many old sages were right in their sayings. Satisfaction is the utmost solution to ones happiness. I now believe in this and still find the right mix to lead the life with peace and prosperity. 

Friday, 17 January 2014

World is getting tougher and very complicated on various issues. People behave differently and most of them are self motivated and self -indulgent. People look for personal growth and prosperity and never aim for common men hiccups. If we look our life closely, we can understand one thing. What the human actually aim for? What do they really willing to do? This would be conundrum but the answer could be this. We all always search for something. For every action and moments, we are searching for the hidden things. We can't do something without searching. Searching would be the integral part of all moments. Searching can hinder all the easy process because it halts your flow to think and then act. This elapsed period is not determined. For some, it would take minutes, for few it would talk hours and for many it would take days and years. But atlast we all realize whats the hidden objects concealed in all our actions. 
We all are implicitly searching for the things but we can't get it as easily. Instead of wary those hidden facts/things, we can stimulate our action further with our own prudence and achieve the desired things very easily. We always waste the time thinking about the concealed facts and irrelevant notions. We all are slaves to most of the daily chores. That’s the second reason why we are not fulfilling the task much in advance.

So do the work without much searching and find the answers without taking any delay/lazy

Thursday, 16 January 2014

So far I have written about my inner feeling and the emotions equally embedded in my mind. But today, I am  going to pen something which I really want to share with you all. This post is to clarify some of the implicit doubts which the human always ponder for. I am not a prophet or philosopher but I have learned from human life. Though my age is not par to the request, but I am holding this tough thoughts in me since my childhood. I should thank my father for turned me rational first and inculcate some valuable differences exist in the society. I am rational because of the simpler reason that no one in this world is perfect and immaculate. We are all addicted and infringe to certain tastes. The advice which we get from someone is sheer waste and it will not bring any trueness in you. We need to experience all the hardships and struggles to empower us. There are many people in this world, attempting to give solutions for the unknown one. First we need to understand that the world is void and we are living our life on the own. Everyone in this world have their own potential and opinion to share with and enjoy in accordance to that. But some people want to be smarter than others and divert us to engage in some activities and try to envision our mind. As an individual, everyone has the sole capacity to take decisions and lead forward.. There is nothing drive us forward. It is absolutely you who are determining the flow of execution in every action of life. The nature will do and react according to the individual actions. Don’t think that the nature is not listening us. All the calamity and destruction in this world were happened with respect to the individual’s decision and their potential actions. What actually it means to us, simply this, "Be good, think gud, and live gud". Don’t even think bad internally. All the inner feelings would have also made drastic impact on this earth. Don’t talk ill of others, don’t do any evil to others. Try to help and bring some prosperity in other life if they totally succumbed. 
The nature reacts and flourish based on the each and every individuals decisions and actions. The nature won’t do anything bad unless we don’t do anything reverse or evil things to it. For all the problem, there is a solution.. But we the people will always looking for solutions and finally fall into the resolutions. 
Many people preach about YOGA and other form of human well beings. Those are absolutely perfect and right. But don’t totally afflicted to that. It’s all about your mind control and power to harness the good things. No need to spend some extra time for this in exclusive place or ashrams. You can do those by sitting in your home or in private places. How long you can inhale and control your breath, so long you can live with good health.. There are some steps to be learned. It can be done easily if u are totally dedicated to your work. It’s enough.. The absolute dedication in your task is the biggest YOGA you ever do.. So don’t please enticed to those words given by some people. 
Eventually, I will conclude with one thing. No one is right and no one knows nothing about the universe. All the speculations and suggestions given to us all based on the human life history and the experiences which we observed closely. Don’t fall and prey to other words easily. 
Be happy and live the life happily. 
Your happiness abides in your hands and minds.
No one can give you supreme power to lead the life unless you decided.

Thank you for reading my post.

Good Morning. Imagination is much stronger than thunder. If the youth of any country set their goals high and lead the path of imagination with absolute grit and sheer determination, then the nation will reach new standards and dimension. I did not find that any youth in the country have studied the course or live the life to lead the country for smarter growth or move towards the economic growth either. All the people are aiming for happy life and can’t even consider the others suffering when they attain those satisfactions. 
I still don't believe that people in this earth done the self introspection about their doings. If they have done that, then there would no human debacle, no wound, no grudge, no animosity, and above all, no war in particular. We all embrace one another with warmth and well wishes. Lack of discipline, no self introspection and dearth of commitment are the major factor to demoralize the nation and being the thwart for further progress and improvement. 
So, I am benignly appeal to all the youth in the nation in particular to follow these factor and improve the standards of the country to new dimension. If not all, atleast do the self introspection of your activities and possess the good discipline as whole in being good always.. 
One important point underlying in self introspection is that you must able to filter the good and bad in all your activities and action with no bias and prejudice. If you do so, you can learn many things and shun all the evil doing to others automatically
This is a humble appeal to all to favor the nation for your short span life time.