Monday, 3 February 2014

The Naive Feeling

Today morning, i experienced a naive feeling. As i went to bus stand to drop my mom, there i saw a little stray dog wounded on legs. It was following the old man from his house. The old man was going to his town to meet someone but the little stray dog from his street was following as if he would return to the street. The old man told me that this stray dog is following me despite i hit hard stone on it., then i asked did u given any food to it., then old man replied that i had given some pieces of biscuits two days back. That was the reason why the stray dog still following. during his stay in the bus stand, other stray dogs in the bus stand watched this dog and keep quite and did not bark on it.. The stray dog hovered on the old man's leg. The bus came for the old man, he went on it., suddenly the stray dog searching for him and wander over there and look all over the places.. it even went near the auto and peeped into it.. then all of shock, the stray dogs of that place, started barking on this dog, but still this dog is searching for this old man.. i see the panic and anguish on the face of the stray dog. this is the first time, i had seen this kind of emotions in dogs.. i felt bad and still that emotions carries in me..