Monday, 4 August 2014

The Singularity - A Perspective

The modern digital world is succumbed to the hands of scientific technology and development. Though the people have been gaining enormous benefits and potential out of it but still there are some corners where the progress is restricted and curtailed. When we talk about the economic and scientific progress at one hand, we had forgot about the agricultural development and productivity. Governments forcibly endorse to plant GM crops and increase cultivation although they had known the adverse effects of these GM crops, it has forced in the situation where the demand has increased. Everything has turned into computation and scientific experiments. Analysts started to evaluate the things of various fields and come out with the proposal which is some way better but not always come with exact way of providing solutions. Even though there would be tremendous improvement in the field of science and technology and R&D has augmented in its caliber, still there are some fields where the machine cannot root its presence and overwhelmed the human like emotions, feelings, analytically challenging the situations, providing the solutions to the conundrum etc., The singularity problem will be solved soon, very soon. I personally saw a near prospect of going back to the antique civilization. The world is facing so much of anger and animosity with one another and ruins their capabilities in the war fields itself. If we noted very closely, the population of the world is getting down and the statistics shown us various reason for the same. If this is the case, soon the world will be ready to experiment with new changes and new prospects of life will arise with new evolution. The technological singularity will soon be a mirage and we will realize the human compassion and absolute empathy with one other. Hence I strongly believe that the singularity problem will be solved and new revolution will come in place to take over this modern development. To augment this fact, if we look at online purchase of products/services where the demand for purchasing the products are increasing exponentially and there would be more interest among the people to buy the products online but the hard fact is that it is also getting bad effect on the other hand. Statisticians have guessed that it will be slumped down soon in another one or two decades. Many scientist and psychologist have pursuing the cognitive science to make the machine to think. Many projects have been going under soft computing and neural science. Many research works have been carried under fuzzy logic and neural networks. All these concerted efforts are to build the system which can think and react on its own instead of rule based or command based functioning of the system. No system can think on its own without pre-feed commands and instructions. Even though research has shown some progressive sign in these areas but still struggling for ambiguities and anomalies in making the system which function on its own. Hence the idea of singularity will have no effect after some decades. If my conscience and perception about the situation are correct, then after 2050, the world will be new with no singularity.