Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Memorable but pathetic day

A Memorable but pathetic day
I would never say that I have the impeccable talent and irreversible capabilities to be a teacher of this modern generation. But I too have the inherent qualities to stand in front of the critical masses (students) and deliver the lectures without any serious fumbles. Every day when I go to the class, I never thought that I have more experience and hold enough qualification to stand in the class. All I thought was, I am very new to the class today and hold the nervousness under the belly and pretend that I too have the grim posture to deliver in front of the critical mass. All these apart, every day I think of a professor who taught English to me in the college before I start my lecture. I still emulate him as my model and follow his style for first two minutes. For the first two minutes, he won’t speak anything and let the students to complete their talks and then to settle. His notion is that makes the students comfortable first and then boasts the knowledge as the way they like. I too keep silent for first one or two minutes like he did for us.
For long, there has been a pending ambition in my mind to meet this great professor at least once. This is the recurring thought running in my mind very often. One day I met my class mate who too  studied B.Sc Computer Science with me and I told him about my desire. He assured me that he will take me to his house. Last week we both went to his house but his house was locked. That was the moment made me standstill. I was shocked and pensive. I know he was very simple, humble and so conservative but his house was very pathetic unlike him. Suddenly my memory passed back to 10 years and got the reminiscence of his class. When he came to class every day, I can see him with so much of joy, the kind of charisma he possess, the sort of jubilation that he holds, the amount of passion for taking the class is something amazing I would never forget. All his classes were the witness of his passion. He never takes the pause between the sentences. He is energetic. He is passionate. Above all, he loves being a teacher. He is just relishing.
Now, by seen his house, that moment I became stunned. How a great man lead his life that simple. Though he is generous, altruistic and benevolent, the way he live in house made me think a bit and inspired me. His house was of shabby walls, worn doors and above all very small. I was speechless for minutes and then stumbled.   
Now my desire to meet him multiplies many folds. My heart is palpitating that how should I introduce me to him. Will he speak as friendly? Will he share his experience with me? Will he discuss me about the importance of life and other sides as well?
Eager to see him soon. I don’t know how far my fondness with him works. But the passion towards him is eternal.

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