Friday, 5 September 2014

Teacher's Day - Light the Lamp

Teacher’s Day

Country is celebrating Teacher’s Day today. For long, Teacher’s Day celebration had been taken between the students and teachers. Politicians would be given the message to all the teachers and greet them on the day. This was the custom happening in the country. But after long years, here is the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who arranged for a meeting with all the students in the country to emphasis the importance of the Teacher’s Day. Though his move was being politicized by some section of politicians, the motive behind the PM plan is very crucial and vital at this juncture. Though many are arguing about the economic slump down, poor governance at lower level bureaucracy, vulnerable defense engagements, lack of agricultural policies, and many more but they have not talked about the seriousness of education, a education which grooms students with compassion and empathy. In modern times, education failed to infuse the basic morals and ethics to the students.  
I personally appreciate the PM that this is the high time to call for meeting with all the students to give them the wisdom on their role in life. The PM must give a strong message to all the students in the country to be empowered morally. His message should convey the strong balance between the life and culture. He should talk about the pertaining issues like compassion, love, altruism and above all women empowerment. Now the country is talking about the message given by PM. Let it boomerang the country for long and imprints the strong message in all young minds. At least the coming generation should be compassionate and loyal to all.
Another appeal to all the teacher of this country is that please be updated. You should be the role model to the students. Teachers should read more books of all kinds and bring in the same habits to the students. The Teacher should be vociferous readers.
Happy Teacher’s Day.

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