Monday, 1 February 2016


Does silence gives any strength to the mind or it just drains the energy by thinking unnecessary things. Most of the times, people were in disturbances and many problems encircled them like a shadow. If they decided to keep silent and want to have a harmonies life style, then their mind will not let them go with the way that they want. Many thinking comes to their mind which is better to be part of disturbance. So the question is whether silence is good or bad? Modern world is surrounded by many new technological revolutions and people are very eager in getting the things which they don’t. It has become a custom for all to live the life like others. The bigger question in most of the young minds is this, “what if me?”. For all, they compare with others and match his caliber against other man’s caliber. There is a golden saying in literature that we don’t have any clue or idea about other’s path of journey and their walks of life. Therefore it is absolutely ridiculous and infact dangerous to compare the life with others. Living the life is always different. Sages were said many things about leading the contended life for the time. But every generations were witnessed many contrary things. When we tracked back to the history, there was a huge generation gap among the society and the culture. The culture has not existed the same as ever before. The behavior of the people also keeps changing in every century. It was well written by Jawaharlal Nehru in his writing to his daughter that the world is changing very rapidly but we as a human have very little life span to witnessed its growth. Understanding the universe is a conundrum but we observed a progressive note of many living things that made the science keep growing every day. Come back to silence. The modern world is filled with commotion and stress. It has even filled with anxiety and anger. But amid these severe circumstances, trying to hold the harmonious mind is a tough job one carries rather than other contemporary professional role.

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